Why Choose Us?

Need Complete Sourcing Partner
You Can Trust on Turn and Forge Metal Tec

precision specialist, we understand the risks and costs for our partners, and we handle them carefully and sensitively. Outsourcing your in-house machining has a number of positives. 

Reduce your cost structure in an investment-intensive area.
Improve your cost flexibility during capacity fluctuations.
Free up resources to focus on your core business.
Benefit from that focus to boost your flexibility and order just-in-time
Increase management capacity by freeing up resources.
Gain access to highly specialized external resources and capabilities.

45 + Countries export to14147 +Products developed.

We Are A Different Kind Of Partner
Our state-of-the-art machinery is differentiated for complexity and quantity but also aligned with market flexibility through diversity in every machine group.
When you outsource your machining to us, we take your parts production to a new level.
In doing so, we ensure high cost transparency throughout the value chain.
We give you tremendous value-creation depth with just one partner
This streamlines your supply chain significantly
We’ll help you optimize your parts with smarter design.
We offer a huge variety of materials fit for future challenges.
Our production options are designed for your highly complex parts.
We are a family-run business with global reach